2021 RAM T-harness

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Stop the rumble from active noise cancelation back feed. (ANC)

ANC Bypass harness

RAM JEEP Dodge anc bypass

The first and best ANC bypass solution for disabling the factory ANC feedback.

Ford Lincoln ANC bypass

GM GMC Cadillac BOSE ANC bypass

Keep everything 100% factory while adding your aftermarket sub back-feed free.


Factory plug fitment

We test every product in the vehicle before we add it to our fitment chart. Unlike knockoff harnesses from PAC and Sounds Good we actually design each product and kit. We don't steal the design then make it out of cheap parts and double the price


Universal Speaker color code

Our harnesses and wires follow the standard automotive speaker wire code.



As the creators of the true OEM Loopback Harness©. We designed it ,from the twist per inch to the IP67 shrink tube. True quality, not overpriced junk

Ready to Build your own ?

Signal Wire side

20awg twisted pair bundle in a 4 channel configuration will provide front and rear along with left and right sides.

Return Wire side

At 16Awg there is no speaker you cant power and with a standard color code making connections is simple.

Loom & TESA Tape

Our kit will come complete with all the parts you need to build your own loopback style harness. This includes loom, tesa tape, glue lined shrink tube.


This device lets you add a 12v remote turn on to your harness that will prevent turn on pop.

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Stay 1000% Factory

CAN-Bus will never be the future of car audio. Analog tap and modifications with a DSP will always be the best and most affective way to separate the audio system from the factory radio, but keep the radio's function as a control for the amp.

Steering wheel Inputs


Same as Stock



Same as Stock

Factory safety provider


Same as Stock

All other factory functions you originally had


All factory functions will stay the same.

Its twisted and that matters