Ford T-harness 4ch 2020-2024

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  • 18ft 4channel speaker twisted pair
  • Universal speaker wire colored and labeled for ease of use
  • Load resistors will be included (Ford,RAM)
  • 20awg & 16 Awg 100% copper USA made
  • Factory OEM connector fitment
  • TESA tape base finish
  • Originally designed & Made by us in the USA
  • Best quality and design on the market
  • Signal-left/right, front and back, power, ground
  • No additional wires that lead to nothing but confusion 😉

Our Ford T-harness 2020-2024 offers a reliable and high-quality audio solution, providing four speaker signals, 12V power, and a ground capable of handling up to 10 amps of power draw. What sets it apart is its innovative Shock-Wire© EMI-blocking technology, which guarantees secure connections with minimal interference. This technology is also versatile, allowing you to combine signals for a full-range sound experience.

Built with a standard 18ft extension, this will allow you to plug in directly into your vehicles radio module and run your signal to your amp or processor/DSP to the rear of the vehicle for ease of wiring and tuning.

This 22-pin connector is compatible with most Ford vehicles from 2020 to 2024, designed for non-amplified systems. Installation is straightforward—simply plug it in behind the radio module, usually located as the silver box beneath the screen. 


 Need to know information before installation and ordering:

- Verify this is the correct connector for your vehicle. For some vehicles 2018-2020 they can have either this 22 pin connector or the new style 32 pin connector. You will need to check the physical connector on the radio module to verify which one you need. 

- The harness will offer the voltage the vehicle is outputting which will be about 10v. If your amp can not handle that input voltage you will need to use a processor or DSP with your harness.   

Make sure the vehicle does not have a Sony or B&O Amp. This harness will NOT work with the factory amplified system.  

- Most Ford vehicles will require resistors when installing a 4+ channel speaker amp.

- The harness does not offer remote turn-on. This is extended from an LOC/Processor or an ART can be utilized. Please note: the ART option can be added to your order but it will NOT be wired to the harness.     

Not all wire is created equal so ...

Why Shock-Wire©?

Shock-Wire© was created to combat the idea that you HAD to pull new wire in your vehicle when you replaced of amplified your factory system. The only solution at the time was speed wire aka 9 wire.

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