Shock-Wire RCA Cables

Shock-Wire RCA Cables


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Less resistance = less heat = better signal!

Not your every day RCA

so WHY a T-harness..

Using a T-harness in your car audio installation provides several benefits that simplify the process and enhance the overall functionality of your system.

  1. Easy Installation: T-harnesses offer a plug-and-play solution, allowing for a straightforward installation without the need for cutting or splicing into the factory wiring. This makes the process much more convenient and preserves the integrity of the original wiring.
  2. Retains Factory Features: T-harnesses are specifically designed to maintain the functionality of your vehicle's factory features. This includes retaining steering wheel controls, factory backup cameras, audio configurations, and other integrated systems. By utilizing a T-harness, you can seamlessly integrate aftermarket components while still enjoying the convenience of your vehicle's original features.
  3. Reversible and Non-Damaging: Since T-harness installations are non-invasive, they can easily be reversed or removed without causing any damage to the vehicle's wiring or components. This flexibility allows you to revert back to the factory setup or upgrade to different aftermarket devices as needed.
  4. Time and Labor Saving: T-harnesses eliminate the need for extensive wiring work and troubleshooting. By providing a pre-wired connection that matches your vehicle's specific connectors and pinouts, they save time and effort during the installation process.
  5. Preserves Warranty: Utilizing a T-harness for your car audio installation helps protect your vehicle's warranty. Since there's no need to alter the factory wiring, you can maintain the manufacturer's warranty while still enjoying the benefits of aftermarket upgrades.
  6. Compatibility Assurance: T-harnesses are designed to ensure compatibility with your specific vehicle make and model. This guarantees a seamless fit and reliable performance, minimizing the risk of compatibility issues or electrical problems.

Overall, the benefits of using a T-harness include simplified installation, retention of factory features, reversibility, time savings, warranty preservation, and enhanced compatibility. These advantages make T-harnesses a popular choice for integrating aftermarket devices into your vehicle's audio system while maintaining the convenience and functionality of the original setup.