Rockford 12" P3S shallow subwoofer Rattler kit

Sale price$1,350.00 USD
  • 1-Ohm @ 400 Watts RMS
  • Fully Pre-wires
  • 100% copper wire
  • Vehicle specific harness with Shock-wire speaker cable
  • Parametric EQ for low bass frequency repair
  • 1x 20ft 4awg OFC wire + 2x 2ft ground leads with fuse and fuse holder
  • Sealed enclosure

Please read..

Tuning your Sub v=√(P∙R)

The one thing we can't do is tune the system for you. Properly tuning a system is much more than proper frequency or a "flat signal". To properly tune your amplifier and set the correct gain output to your subwoofer you need to know:

  1. The voltage at the amplifier and this will vary depending on the pre-existing load.
  2. The proper fuse size for the amp draw of your amplifier and wire that will allow proper flow. Wire too small can create heat that is bad for your amplifiers efficiency.
  3. Speaker/Sub Ohm and Watts RMS NOT peak. You will need to do some math.

Amplifier RMS output X speaker Ohm load

Lets gather some information:

  1. What is the Ohm load of your speaker? (lets say it is 2 Ohms)
  2. Now, lets find out what the RMS of your amplifier at 2 Ohms is. (Lets say its 500 watts RMS @ 2 Ohm .
  3. 500wattsx2ohm=1000 Now lets get the square root of 1000.

The √ of 1000 is 31.62

This is the target output voltage you want coming out of your amplifier to your sub or speakers. Ideally you will already have your head unit leveled...

Gain matching and Distortion

Making sure your signal is in the best range to ensure that your amplifier is receiving the proper signal to amplify. If the signal going into the amp is bad, that is what will be amplified. Proper equipment matching can make this simple and affordable. Signal wave, flat peaks (distortion) can be avoided by using devices with clip detection.

Not all wire is created equal so ...

Why Shock-Wire©?

Shock-Wire© was created to combat the idea that you HAD to pull new wire in your vehicle when you replaced of amplified your factory system. The only solution at the time was speed wire aka 9 wire.


2019 Chevy w 1 p3

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